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Top 10 Uses of Hidden Spy Cameras

A spy camera is used to spy on people to know what they are doing. This was earlier used only by law enforcing agencies and shopping complexes. Nowadays, security in the home is also becoming a big issue. So, we have hidden cameras spying on people, not only in public places, but also in homes.Self Recording Spy Camera

The earlier models could take only black and white pictures and the quality was not good. Now, you have cameras that can be bought at an affordable price of about a hundred dollars, which can take reasonably good color pictures.

You can have a:

  • A wired camera which can be connected to DVR or VCR with a cable,
  • Wireless spy camera

    A wireless camera which can transmit a signal to a receiver that is connected to a DVR or a VCR.
  • A hidden camera with built in DVR, which can record pictures on 8 GBSD card that can played back on a computer or a television. This can be used to record for a period of up to 144 hours. You can use a remote control to start and record the pictures. Only pictures that show motion will be recorded, so that dead space is done away with.

The top 10 uses of hidden spy cameras are:

1. It is very useful as a method to enforce law for traffic surveillance. It will help to catch people who speed and who beat the red traffic light. It is used at traffic signals where the traffic is very heavy.

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2. Security in banks, offices, hotels, train stations and airports is very important. These are places where many people tend to visit. It is necessary to have a good surveillance at such places and spy cameras are very useful.

3. It can be used in offices to improve employee performance. Their work can be recorded to show how they can improve. It can also be used while they undergo training.

4. Private investigators need hidden spy cameras to spy on people when they are investigating cases such as, theft, infidelity, murder etc.

Mens zipper tie hidden spy camera

5. They are useful in sting operations.

6. If a business, home or vacation property has spy cameras installed, it adds value to the property when it is sold, as people feel more secure.

7. It is useful in homes to ensure that the house is safe against theft. It can be installed inside the home and also at the front and back entrance of the house.

8. It will be useful in ensuring the safety of babies and small children who are in the care of a nanny, to see that she is doing her duty. It can also be used to monitor older children and their activities in the house.

9. It can be used to check on a spouse for infidelity.

10. Hidden-Nanny-Spy-CameraIt can also be used in nursing homes and in other long term care facilities to monitor the way in which the services are being rendered.

A hidden camera can be installed in many things. It can be kept in a wall clock to have continuous monitoring. It can be placed in stuffed toys and even in a pen. The pinhole camera is very small and can be even kept in a tissue paper box or even a keychain. There are cameras that can record in the dark. Such cameras can be used for recording pictures outdoors. Most of the pictures are fairly good and can be used to monitor people.

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