iHome Spy Cameras (100% Covert)

iHome Spy Cameras (100% Covert)
The iHome iPod Clock Radio Spy Camera, is one of our
newest spy cameras. This Spy Cameras Is Predicted to sell extremely well. The Camera in hidden behind the mesh
speaker screen and the SD Card Slot is not exposed!
Your neighbor could borrow it and never know that it's a
spy camera.

Hi Res 640x480, 12FPS, 32GB Sd Supported, $499

Realtime,320x240, 30FPS, 32GB SD Supported, $519

D1 704x488, 30FPS, 32GB Sd Supported, $629

The Hi Res 640x480 Spy Cameras features very high quality and a very large video size
with fast video speed and extreme storage space. The compatibility with PC and Mac and
future capabilties are it's strong points.

The Realtime Spy Cameras is similar to the Hi Res Spy Camera but differs in one way.
The high video quality and high video size are the same but the 30 frames per second video
speed outperforms any other Spy Camera on the international market. The storage capacity
is the same as the 640x480 (16GB Max SD), but you will record a smaller amount of video
due to larger file sizes.

D1 704x488 Spy cameras have the highest resolution and fastest video frame of all our
spy cameras. Add on for Hi-Res
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