US Made Spy Cameras

US Made Spy Cameras
There are a lot of Spy camera out on the market now. some in the $20 range, some in the $600 range. Some called Nanny cams, covert camera, some with brand name like SecureShot, Bush baby, Camstick, Pi cam, Pen cam and lots more.

How are they different? Which is better? well, It depends on your application. I f you need one to record around the clock and hold many day of record, the small spy cmaeras in the $20-180 range will not work.

The Spy cameras in the $20-$198 range run of a very small rechargeable battery that
only holds a 2hr max battery life per charge. They cameras are only worth buying if
you need to record a event like than 30mins while traveling. They are also some spy
cameras in that range that are wireless and send video to a recording device, like a
DVR. Those cameras usually have terrible video quality and the signal can fade in and
out. Those spy cameras are also not very safe to use, because there is many device
that can very easy detect and find those cameras.

The Spy cameras in the $199-$298 Price range usually are fairly good. They are
the most economical spy camera that are dependable for long term recording. One bad
thing about all the spy cameras in both these categories is the styling. They don't
fit into the styling of American homes and offices. They can send an alarm to someone
just by looking out of place, out of the ordinary. Being sure about the spy camera
cloaking into its surrounding is the most important.

The spy cameras in the $299-$799 range are usually top quality all-over. Best
video quality, design, style, reliability, ease of use and lifetime. If you want a
depend, reliable spy camera with excellent video quality and one that also can cloak
with nearly all surroundings, these spy cameras are for you.

What makes "SecureGuard Spy cameras" different?
SecureGuard Spy Cameras are made and distributed from in the United States of America. SecureGuard Spy Camera's overall quality is much better than other spy cameras
in the same price range. SecureGuard Spy Cameras also offers the customer options for
battery power (11hr battery up to 90 DAYS battery life per charge)and Video resolution
upgrade like Real-time video and D1 high resolution video. They also support 32GB SD card
and can hold up to 3+ months of video on 1 32GB card. There are even Spy Cameras that
you can login to from around the world and no one will know.

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SecureGuard Spy Cameras
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