Date/Time fix for PI Camstick

How to set the time on the PI Camstick:

1. Download or Create a text file named : "time.txt"

2. Connect and turn on your PI Camstick.

3. Drag and drop the "time.txt" file into the removable drive of the PI Camstick.

4. set the time in format:

" 2010. "

input this info ( " " )

5. Save. Disconnect the PI Camstick and restart it.

6. Record and short video to test.

7. Repeat if the Date/time in still incorrent.

8. Try to leave a battery charge at time. The time will reset if the the device loses total battery power.

Software Support:
Just Click And "Save" To Download.

Click here to download time.txt
On the next page click "file" then, "save as", save as "txt".

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