Thermal image Camera Detector (TCD-01)Zoom

Thermal image Camera Detector (TCD-01)

Item# TCD-01
Thermal image Camera detector (Mod# TCD-01)

This device uses a thermal differential sensor to detector heat from hidden electronic devices. Just simplify point the detector to the place where you think a hidden camera or spy device may be. This camera detector will help you determine if further inspection is needed or not. Average testing results with 95% accuratucy.

Easy to use steps:,

1, Use this device indoor only

2, Turn off all the electronic equipment, Please do not unplug the
power cord for any equipment, just turn off. Turn AC/Heating system off.

3, Allow the rooms temperature to even out with with the walls, furniture,
floor, ceiling, air environment, etc. Leave the rooms for an hour or more
to insure even temperature throughout all the rooms.

4, Set the TCD-1 sensitive to Mid(5F), then point the camera detector
TCD-01 to any background object (such as furniture or wall or floor
tec.) be sure the laser beam stays green, then slowly move the TCD-01
laser beam to the place or object which you think may have a hidden
camera or spy device. If the laser beam change to red while the beam
moves onto a certain area, you may need to further inspect that area.

5, This device will not properly work if any lights, ovens, heaters,
etc. are on, or if a fireplace is burning.
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