320x240 Hidden Covert Self Recording Spy Camera

[320x240] Standard Self Recording Spy Cameras

Standard 320 x 240 Self Recording Spy Cameras

Inside all of these items, a hidden camera records any activity and saves
it to a removable SD storage card. A special DVR or Digital Video Recorder,
monitors an area and records by detecting motion.

Totally plug and play. Low cost and economical. Using an All-in-one spy
cameras like these, eliminates additional requirements of an extra recording
equipment. These spy cameras delivery a non-stop recording quality unlike
most spy cameras currently available. you can literally record days or
weeks worth of video by doing nothing.

The Standard 320 x 240 Self Recording Spy Cameras have a picture resolution
of 320 pixels wide x 240 pixels tall, meaning that these cameras meet or exceeds
the standard video quality for spy cameras. The Standard 320 x 240 Self Recording
Spy Cameras can support SD card up to 2GB in size. The Frame rate or video
speed is 5fps, which isn't that fast but is enough for most applications and uses.

For highest resolution and more storage space please visit our
[640x480] Hi Res Self Recording Spy Cameras page.

Easy to use and play back, Just simply plug the spy camera unit power cord into the 110V AC power wall outlet, Within 10 seconds, The system will start recording by motion, When the SD memory is full, The system will auto recycle the oldest recording to free the memory space for new recording. When you ready to view the recording video, just take the SD Card out of the unit, view the video right from a PC using Windows Media player. No additional software. Itís just that easy.

The Spy Cameras On The Page Have The Same Specs:
320x240 Video Resolution
5FPS Video Frame Rate Speed
Up to 2GB SD Card Size Supported
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