Spy Cameras in Receptacle Outlet

Spy Cameras in Receptacle Outlet
This power receptacle has a spy camera hidden inside. There is a mini DVR inside that records all video to a SD card. The all-in-one spy camera system is all self contained. In most cases, you can remove your existing power receptacle and replace it with this one and use the existing power wires inside the wall to power it.

We have 4 models, click one of the links below to find out more:

High Resolution Power Receptacle), 640x480 @ 12FPS AC Powered.

Real-Time Power Receptacle), 320x240 @ 30FPS AC Powered

D1 High Resolution Power Receptacle), 704x480 @ 30FPS AC Powered.

Battery Powered Power Receptacle), 640x480 @ 12FPS 30-90 Day Battery Powered.
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