Spy cameras for yacht

Spy cameras for yacht
Need a Spy Camera for your Vacation home?

We have sold hundreds of spy cameras to people with Vacation homes, vacant homes, yachts, boats and more.
Here are a few models they usually buy:

1. 30 Day Battery Powered smoke Detector

2. 30 Day Battery Powered Receptacle

3. 30 Day Battery Powered Motion Detector

4. 30 Day Battery Powered Alarm Siren

5. 30 Day Battery Powered Birdhouse

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The Cameras mentioned above all come with a 30 Day standby battery
that supplies power to the camera for up to 30 Days (No AC power required).
For some models, you can opt for a larger battery (Up to 90 Day) by the
upgrade option on the product page.

All of the battery powered spy cameras use a thermal sensor to control
when the camera should be on or off and motion detection to control when to
record. A Security camera installation would cost you over $2,000. These cost
under $500 and are hidden. Why wouldn't you but one.

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