Mobile Sports Cameras

The First All sports Cameras from AES!

Just Over 2" Tall !
Only $119!

we are proud to present this item and we feel that this item
is an excellent opportunity to record the activity on Bicycles,
Skateboards, Roller blades, Canoeing, Jogging and whatever else it is that you do. Children and adults alike, can enjoy this
item over and over again. It's so simple to use and share.

Next time you go to the park, recording beauty and innocence of mother nature, or
Record your best tricks.Children can watch themselves ride around, They will be so
impressed. This Item actually can encourage Exercise and physical activity. The best
part of this is that the camera records excellent quality. Crisp, clear images, unlike most.

This camera records video directly to an micro SD card, which is compatible with most
OS, most media players. The bicycle camera can record on a SD card as large as 16GB.
With 40mins recording time per Gigabyte you can record 10.5 hr with a 16GB SD card.

Specs: Resolution... 640x480 DVD Quality
Video Speed... 25FPS
Record Mode... On/off Switch, Not Motion Detect
Video Length... 40mins per 1GB
Storage Type... SD, HCSD
Storage Size... 1GB-16GB

Kit Includes:
1 Sports Camera
1 USB Cable
1 Power charger
1 Cloth Pouch
1 Clip
1 Car Charger
1(1) CD and Manual

This Camera Can be attached to a Remote control Car (RC) Car.
Also it can be used to capture Family activity, Interview and comferrence,
Evidence, Wildlife, Nature trails, Tours, ANYTHING!
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