Solar Powered Insect Repeller Nanny Camera

Solar Powered Insect Repeller Nanny Camera
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Solar Powered Insect Repeller Spy Camera

Solar Powered Spy Camera!
This solar powered insect repeller spy camera has a small pinhole camera and DVR recorder hidden inside. This spy camera's rechargeable battery is powered by the solar panel which located at the top of the repeller. The spy camera has a 3 day standby time (full charged)when using the rechargeable batteries included, Or 10 day standby time when using 4x AA Alkaline batteries.

**Standby time is an estimation predicted by very seldom activity and proper usage. The camera's power is turned on by body Heat detection (PIR). The camera is turned on when
body heat is detected and will automatically power off when body heat is no longer detected
for 5 minutes. There is a minimum 5 minute activation time (Battery usage) per body heat
detection. If the camera is activate continuously, the battery could run out in 1 hour
using the rechargeable batteries or 3 hours using 4x AAA batteries.

Reviewing video:
To review the video recorded by the Insect repeller spy camera simply extract the SD
Card and Plug it into your PC or MAC. The video can be played back on any Computer.
Additional software is included on the SD card. You can delete and save videos to your
computer easily. When th SD card is full, it will automatically erase the old video and
save the newest.

Camera Resolution:    640x480
Camera Frame Rate:  12FPS(default) or 30FPS (Real-time)
Camera Clarity:          Sony Super HAD CCD 420TVL
DVR Storage:            4GB SD(default) up to 32GB SD (Optional)
Video Format:            .ASF (similar to .AVI)
Record Mode:            Motion Detect (During PIR Activation Time Only)

1x Insect repeller spy camera
1x 4GB SD Card
1x Instruction Manual

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