SL-100 Professional Safe Line Telephone Analyzer [SL-100]Zoom

SL-100 Professional Safe Line Telephone Analyzer [SL-100]

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SL-100 Professional Safe Line Telephone Analyzer [SL-100]

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The Safe Line 100 phone line analyzer offers SIX levels of protection to deactivate, neutralize, monitor, and alert you to eavesdropping attempts. Both "on hook" and "off hook" line voltages are constantly displayed and will alert you to any out of the ordinary activity on your phone line.

If you think you need to analyze your phone line then you've found the ideal analyzer for phone lines.

Common voltage sensing phone recorders that start recording when you pick up the phone will never even know you are there. They will simply remain on the line in standby mode because the phone line analyzer will render it useless.

But what about those pesky, high tech crystal controlled parallel line transmitters? Useless... The phone line analyzer will simply shift their frequency and they will transmit nothing but static. Even the feared VOX, voice activated, systems are putty in the hands of the phone line analyzer. The Safe Line 100 Anti-Vox systems are neutralized so that the money and effort put into installing these devices by your adversary are futile.

You will be alerted to any extension eavesdroppers by a special "muting" circuit that stops your conversation until the offender disconnects or you decide to override the system by switching off of safe mode.

Phone Line Analyzer Features: Digital Display Will Reflect Any Change In Your Phone Line Voltages Automatically Deactivates All Known Wire Tapping Devices (On Premise) Creates Shift of Frequencies In Crystal Line Transmitters Voice Simulation Causes VOX Equipment to Record Noise When Line is Not in Use Turns Off Voltage Sensing Recording / Transmitting Devices Fully Line Powered Requires No Batteries or AC Adaptor Instantly Alerts You to Extension Eavesdropping Attempts 100% State of the art Digital Surface Mount Technology

Wiretapping and bugging devices are very common. You don't need to have known enemies to become a victim. If you have anything to lose then you need protection. Corporate espionage, suspicious spouses, nosey neighbors, the list goes on and on. People with too much time on their hands or someone wanting to get the dirt on you will go to great lengths to get it. Use the phone line analyzer as your first line of defense against the known and unknown enemies.

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