XCAM HD WiFi Electrical Utility Box Spy CameraZoom

XCAM HD WiFi Electrical Utility Box Spy Camera

This Electrical Utility Box camera is WiFi enabled, so you can remotely view and control the camera, stream real-time video
and download videos and photos to your mobile devices, from anywhere. Setup is very quick and simple.

HD Color video of 65 degree camera, record with date/time watermark, nobody will suspect this standard Electrical Utility Box secretly
hides a covert IP nanny camera with a built-in DVR.

100% Wire-Free. Stay completely free of cords and wiring hassles with our latest Electrical Utility Box HD Wireless Spy
Camera and Quickly receive a push notification alert with a link to the video attached on your smartphone, so you can
decide how to respond.this hidden camera records 1280x720p for crystal HD video,Itís perfect for anyone who needs to
see every important detail!

Built-in advanced PIR motion sensor sends alarm when motion detector is triggered. This camera sends an alert to your
smartphone and records a short 10-60 seconds clip of the event to the SD Card,then playback remotely or download recorded video
your phones photo gallery.

Up to 90 Days Battery. Xtreme Battery Powered WiFi Electrical Utility Box Spy Camera has a 10000mAh rechargeable battery and
a special low power consumption technology that will power the camera for up to 90 days battery. It's truly wire-free, so itís simple
to place and move within any indoor environment, no-hassle peace of mind. Records and alerts you only when motion is detected so
no battery power ever goes wasted. Very active environments may result in shorter battery life. The Built-in PIR sensor will tell the
camera to turn on or off depending on the activity in the room. This can also be done by logging into the App, which will wake the
camera on without the PIR sensor detecting motion.
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