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The Pretender - Telephone Voice Changer

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Need a reason to hang up the phone? The Pretender is your way out of difficult situations. The unit offers four different sounds to get you off the hook fast. When a collection agency calls, a baby cries out in the background. If a stranger is on the other end, make a dog bark or the doorbell ring so it does not seem like you are home alone. When you are too busy to talk press a button for a call waiting sound. These effects can be used individually, or in any combination, to make sure that you are not kept on the phone. In addition to these sounds, the Pretender™ is equipped with six different settings to distort your voice, helping to make it unrecognizable. Pretend it's real.

The Pretender is a high quality telephone instrument. It will provide years of service if cared for properly and will make your life easier by allowing you to end unpleasant phone calls. Four realistic sound effects give you a great excuse to get off the phone. Pretend that the doorbell is ringing, your baby is crying or your dog is barking. Also, you can trigger that familiar “call waiting” click at any time. A great excuse to terminate those annoying telemarketing calls.

A built-in voice changer can disguise your voice on the telephone. Use the sound effect in combination with the voice changer to take on a whole new identity! The portable nature of this unit allows easy transport. The unit also features an amplifier which will increase the volume in the telephone receiver.
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