SecureGuard 1080P Elite WiFi Panoramic 360 Degree  Smoke Detector Spy Camera (Custom, 110V AC, Quick Connector)Zoom

SecureGuard 1080P Elite WiFi Panoramic 360 Degree Smoke Detector Spy Camera (Custom, 110V AC, Quick Connector)

Item# BRK304WIFI
* This device is a Spy Camera, This is not a smoke detector.
Video only. Audio not available.

* Panoramic 360 degree view.
* Matches your existing Smoke Detector Appearance(See Pics)
* WiFi Enabled, Live stream video and remote playback via Phone/Tablet.
* App Wake up, Wake your camera from sleep mode via mobile App.
* This Surveillance camera utilizes existing smoke detector Fire Alarm 120V AC Quick Connector to supply power.
* A surveillance Camera inside a smoke detector enclosure, This device is not smoke detector.

* True 1080p HD Video, Very clear picture, Excellent video quality.
* Hidden Wi-Fi SSID broadcast (After Setup), Can not be found on Wi-Fi network search after setup.
* 16GB SD Card included for video storage and remote playback.
* Records video to SD card inside camera and can also record video to your phone.
* Very easy to setup remote live viewing and remote playback.
* Powerful app lets you fully manage multiple cameras easily.
* Made in the USA, Competitively priced to compete with global competition.
* Sold and Supported in The US, Get Live US tech support and the best customer service.
* This camera can be placed anywhere, home, office, warehouse, retail, etc.
* Receive Mobile alerts, Live Video, Recording configuration through you Mobile devices.

Easy to setup:
1. Connect 120V AC power to the Camera and wait 60 secs.
2. Download the Mobile App while your wait.
3. Open the Mobile App, Follow the simple steps to connect to your Wi-Fi.
4. Enjoy viewing live and playback anywhere in the world.

Color: HD Color
Image sensor: 1/3" 2MP CMOS
Image resolution: True 1080p
Frame Rate: 30fps(1080P)
A/V: Video Only.
Fish eye camera's lens is in the center of smoke detector enclosure.
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