Cooming SOON !!! Vehicle Locator

Cooming SOON !!!  Vehicle Locator
Reduced Fuel Expenses Improved Customer Service Decreased Overtime Reduced Response Time Increased Driver Productivity Benefits of a Virtual Time-Clock Decreased Driver Speeding Validation of Service Calls Lower Insurance Costs 15% More accurate Billing

Locate, Track & Recover On-demand Locate requests can be made from any of the (3) pre-programmed Emergency Contact Cell Phones, or through the easy to use Computer Program. Automatic Tracking can be programmed online and changed as needed. SOS Emergency Button SOS Emergency Button connects to the 24X7, Live Operator, Emergency Response Center, then automatically notifies each of the pre-programmed phone numbers, sends an alarm notice to the owners e-mail address, and provides a location on the map. Power Interrupt Alarm Power Interrupt Alarm notifies all Emergency Contact Cell Phones when the main power has been disconnected. During a Main Power Loss, the Device will operate in a high speed Locate and Tracking Mode, using the Internal Back-up Battery.

Speeding Alarm A Speed Limit can be set by the Owner, through any Computer, and changed at any time. Speeding Alarms are displayed online and saved by the Server to be displayed on the Tracking History Report. (Accident and Insurance discounts) Geo-Fence Alarm Twenty User defined geographic areas, or Geo-Fence boundaries, can be programmed through any computer. The Geo-Fence can alarm on entry/exit or both. The new exclusive virtual Geo-Fence alarms when a vehicle does not arrive by the specified time. The Geo-Fence Alarm notifies the pre-programmed phone numbers when the device Enters or Leaves a designated geographic area. Anti-Theft Alarm An alarm is automatically triggered when the vehicle is moved with the ignition turned off. This alarm switches the system into a high speed Locate and Tracking Mode.
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