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NEW! USB 2MB Keystroke Logger [KL/USB]

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The all new KeeLogger Flash USB is an advanced USB hardware keylogger with a huge 2MB internal flash memory, organized as a file system. All text data typed on the USB keyboard will be captured and stored on the internal flash drive is a special file. Text data may be may be retrieved on any other computer with a USB port and keyboard. Super fast data retrieve is achieved by switching into Flash drive mode for keystroke data transmission. This hardware keylogger is 100% transparent for computer operation and no software of driver are required.


Huge Memory Capacity (2MB) Compatible With ALL USB Keyboards (including Linux & Mac) Super Fast Memory Contents Retrieve (125 kb/s) Via USB Port Transparent to Computer Operation, Undetectable to Security Scanners No Software Drivers Needed, Operating System Independent Ultra Compact and Discrete, only 1.5" long. Requirements:

USB 1.1 or 2.0 Port USB HID-Compliant Keyboard (Low-Speed or Full-Speed) Operating System with USB Mass-Storage Device Support Model KL/USB
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