NEW! Bugtracer Analog/Digital Keychain Bug Detector [BT/M]

 NEW! Bugtracer Analog/Digital Keychain Bug Detector [BT/M]
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NEW! Bugtracer Analog/Digital

You asked for it, we got it! The amazing Mini Bug Tracer RF detector is great for finding those hidden wireless cameras. Outstanding performance in a small package. Keychain sized detector with hi gain internal antenna sniffs out hidden wireless cameras fast, assuring your privacy. Multiple lights illuminate as you get closer to the hidden camera. Analog (spyfinder) or Digital (Wi-fi) switch allows you to check out the entire room, then \"home-in\" on the bug.


Wide Range Detection: Ranging from 1MHz to 6GHz/6000MHz. Automatic scanning mode: one touch leads you to hidden cameras to within 6 - 8 inches. Mini, pocket size, small size makes it easily portable. Carry it everywhere. Uses:

Detecting wireless hidden cameras. Detecting wireless bugging devices such as telephone transmitter and hidden microphones. Detects digital and Wi-fi RF Specifications:

Frequency Detection Range: 1MHz~6GHz. .
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