NEW! 2MB Keyshark PS/2 Keystroke logger [KS/2]      Zoom

NEW! 2MB Keyshark PS/2 Keystroke logger [KS/2]

Item# newitem104085779

Plugs in between your keyboard and computer and records all keystrokes including passwords and special characters. All information is memorized on the internal 2MB memory. Stores 12 months of keystroke data in typical use situations. Ideal for monitoring children’s’ internet activity and useful for computer coders.


· Portable – move it from computer to computer

· Installs in seconds – Just plug in

· Uses no system resources, truly runs in background

· Works with all PC operating systems with PS/2 keyboard

· Data is retained even during system lock-ups and power outages

· No Software to learn. Use in conjunction with programs you already know

· Fully undetectable and can store 1 year of data.

· Records every keystroke pressed including SYSTEMS, CMOS and DOS modes
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