MPlex41 16 channels Multiplexer

MPlex41 16 channels Multiplexer
16 Channel Duplex Real Time Color Multiplexer

This 16 Channel Duplex Multiplexer is a vital component of large security camera and alarm systems. This multiplexer allows connection of up to 16 security cameras and displays their video on one screen so that all 16 video feeds can be recorded with a single VCR or Digital Video Recorder (DVR). It also has connections for 16 security alarms and keeps a security log for any alarms that are triggered by trespassers. This multiplexer also features programmable video motion detection where it can detect movement in a designated area in any of the 16 camera video feeds.

Video is displayed in multiple-window display formats that are selectable according to your preference. You can also electronically zoom-in on the video from any connected security camera. The duplex feature allows you to keep recording while viewing playback from the previous day on a second VCR so you donít miss any activity.

Real time high resolution video display
Video inputs for up to 16 cameras
Fast recording speed: 60 frames per second
Selectable multiple window video display with electronic zoom-in capability
Quad, sequential, or full screen video display
Time and date generator
Programmable motion detection area and sensitivity for each individual camera
Alarm trigger detection and audio/video notification
Alarm history log
Built-in memory keeps record of system setup preferences in case of power loss
Compatible with Standard VCRs, S-VHS VCRs, and DVRs (Duplex Recording)
Remote control ready: RS-485 interface (remote keyboard optional)
Power supply included

Maximum camera inputs 16 x BNC
Number of alarm inputs 16
Display format 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 13, 16
System operation Duplex
Resolution Dual Video System Compatible: PAL/NTSC
720 x 512 (PAL); 720 x 480 (NTSC)
VCR input/output 1 x BNC and 1 x S-VHS
Alarm input/output 16 x (NO/NC/OFF) / 1 x NO/NC
Motion detect area/sensitivity 16x12 dots per camera; 128 levels selectable
Video loss indication Yes
Picture freeze Yes (two modes)
Active window refresh rate 30 frames/sec
Split windows refresh rate 60 fields/sec
Recording mode Synchronous & Asynchronous (programmable)
Recording rate 60 fields/sec
Dynamic recording priority Yes (programmable)
Monitor center adjustable Yes
Sequence dwell time Common/Discrete (programmable)
Call monitor sequence Yes (programmable)
Video input gain control Yes (individually)
Support matrix multiplexer Yes
OSD Color 16
Picture in picture Yes
Key lock function Yes
Electronic zoom Yes (2 x 2)
Day/night setting Yes (programmable)
Camera title size 12 characters per camera
Alarm history log 255 events
Remote control Yes
Data interface RS-485
Color bar generator Yes
Auto sequence display Programmable (all display format) 3 Sets,
16 pages/sequence
Input voltage range 10V-18V
Max Power 16W
Weight 8.2 lbs Dimensions 13.8"(D) x 17"(L) x 1.73"(H)
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