Mini Vehicle real time GPS trackerZoom

Mini Vehicle real time GPS tracker

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This tiny device can be easily placed or hidden in a vehicle or other asset. It's deployed with a prepaid SIM card with no monthly recurring charges. Programmed for easy and automatic updates even when inactive, the Global Asset Tracker allows access for a limited time every day to receive needed information. If the asset or vehicle is stolen or lost, and a GAT customer requests activation of their unit(s), TrackingtheWorld offers a free, one-time location check of assets before any activation fees are incurred.

Quad mode means this device and our software work worldwide:Allow the Global Asset Tracker to be activated and operate from anywhere in the world, over land, sea or air. In addition, the device is compatible with TrackingtheWorld's cutting-edge GPS tracking software, which allows users to access readily-available satellite mapping technology or incorporate their own customized maps from anywhere on Earth.

Originally developed for military use, GPS technology is now widely used by businesses of every size. GPS devices are often credited for the quick recovery of stolen or missing goods, because they allow business owners and law enforcement officials to track and pinpoint the exact location of stolen items.
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