Micro Bug Detector High Frequency [MCBDPLUS]

Micro Bug Detector High Frequency [MCBDPLUS]
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Protect privacy and confidential information with our high frequency RF detector. This device features a detecting frequency up to 6 GHz and comes with an analog/digital detection switch. The digital feature detects bluetooth, WLAN, Wi-Fi, cellular phone and digital spread spectrum wireless products. Specially designed for easy and simple use with no complex installation or professional knowledge required.

Features: Digital/analog switch for signal strength 3 LED indicators to determine signal strength Audible alarm with tonal change indicates signal strength Vibration warning mode User can use earphones for convenient monitoring of audible alarm Senstivity tuner 3V DC power (uses 2 AAA batteries, included) 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz Detects wireless cameras at 5.8 GHz from approximately 2 feet and 2.4 GHz from approximately 5 feet Detects analog cell phone signals from approximately 20 feet and digital signals from approximately 40 feet Specifications:

Size: (L)87 x (W)55 x (T)24 (mm)

Weight: about 105g

Detecting range: 50MHz~6.0GHz

Power: 3V DC (AAA/UM-r battery x 2)

Warning mode 1: Audible alarm and 3 LEDs

Warning mode 2: Vibration and 3 LEDs

Warning mode 3: Vibration, 3 LEDs and earphone output

Detecting distance: for regular 10mW 5.8GHz wireless camera: 8 feet

Detecting distance: for regular 10mW 2.4GHz wireless camera: 20 feet

Detecting distance:

for Cellular phone: 40 feet (set at analog)

for Cellular phone: 60 feet (set at digital)

Includes Earpeice Pocket clip Size 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1"

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