Men's Zipper Tie hidden pinhole cam spy camera recorderZoom

Men's Zipper Tie hidden pinhole cam spy camera recorder

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Evidence recording has never been made easier! The Man's Zipper Tie covert camera use the smallest high resolution, real time digital camcorder ever produced. Easy to use "one touch record" button lets you discretely record any evidence instantly. For the most discrete application!

Introducing the All new Man's zipper tie super compact video and audio (audio is option feature) camcorder. The pinehole camera recorder is hidden behind the Men's tie, It is smaller and lighter than a disposable cigarette lighter, It's Lens view out from the front of Man's tie. This Camcorder records Hi-Resolution (3gp) real time video via its internal pin hole camera and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) at the touch of a button. Recordings are stored on a tiny removable Micro SD card. Up to 33 hours of video can be recorded on a 1Gb Micro SD card. Internal rechargeable battery is recharged via USB connection. Records for over 2 hours on a single charge. Using the new state-of-the-art 3GP third generation format, recordings can be played instantly on 3GP compatible cell phones and PDAs. 3gp videos can be played on any PC using free download players from Realtime or Quickplayer.

This device is not a wireless equipment, All the video will be saved on the SD card instally, No other eqipment is needed to perform the complete function.
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