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Keychain Spy Camera

Keychain Spy Camera
Item# KSC4G

4GB Keychain Spy Cameras

Please allow up to 60s for video to play!

This is the only spy camera that you can carry everywhere with you. Who
would guess? No one would guess that it's a Spy Camera. The Keychain
spy camera can record Video and Audio together, In the same clip. The keychain
Spy camera is so inconspicuous, you could let a tech savvy person borrow your keys, Even they would find the camera.

{How to use}
Just press the power button then press the "action" button once to take a picture.
Press and hold for 4 secs to record video. To stop record press the "action" again.

This Spy Camera can record video as well as snap pictures!
Video Resolution... 640x480
Video Speed... 25fps
Video Format... .AVI
Video Mode... True Color
Video Size... 50MB per minute <80mins total>

Picture Resolution... 1280x960
Picture Rate... less than 2s between snaps
Picture format... .JPG
Picture Size... 140k-200k per picture <240pics total>
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