JVS-7004 DVR

JVS-7004 DVR
Jovision JVS-D7000 series Network DVR is the good cost-effective
video and audio DVR designed for middle-end market, including H.264
coding standard, Linux operation system, high-speed CPU, RJ45 port,
USB 2.0 and RS485. JVS-D7000 series Network DVR can also support
mobile remote viewing and use CloudSEE network transimission except
video capture, compression, PTZ control, alarm and normal remote
viewing. JVS-D7000 series Network DVR must be the best choice for
middle and low end market.



Featured Functions:
1. Support Mobile Phone Viewing
2. Support Snapshot and Snapshot Management
3. Support System log and Search
4. Set the rights of local users and network users
5. Enable temporary user if forget login password
6. Support Audio talk between host-end and client-end
7. Support software update (USB Device, FTP and Jovision Website)

1. Support PAL/NTSC
2. Previewing Resolution: D1
3. Adjust video parameters of every channel individually
4. Support up to 4 privacy Areas in each channel
5. Support single channel or 4 channels previewing

1. Use H.264 compression standard and adjustable compression quality
2. Compression/Playback Resolution: CIF
3. Support Audio and Video compression simultaneously

1. Use CloudSEE technology, easy operation, high connection rate and
good transmission effect
2. Use Client-end, IE and mobile phone for remote-viewing
3. Support remote-viewing, remote-recording, download remote-recording
files, remote-management and remote PTZ control
4. Automatically get network parameters, support PPPoE and remote connection
5. Support Web Service

1. Support manual recording, schedule recording, motion detection recording
and alarm recording
2. Adjustable packaging time of recording files
3. Support remote-recording
4. Support audio recording

1. Search recording file according to channel, time and recording type
2. Single channel or 4 channels playback
3. Multi-level fast or slow playing, Pause and Single Frame Play, 4 channels
synchronous operation
4. Show the status of playback
5. Support remote playback
6. Support audio playback

PTZ control:
1. Support exchanging PTZ control orders, Convenient for engineering works
2. Support pre-setting locations and software cruise of high dome camera
3. Support several main PTZ protocol
4. Operate the inter menu of camera

1. Backup recording files into USB Device
2. Backup system log into USB Device

1. Support Motion Detection Alarm, up to 4 areas in each channel
2. Support Alarm Input Module Alarm, up to 32 channels alarm input
3. Alarm Output supports alarm recording, buzzer alarm, call pre-setting
locations of high dome camera, sending signal to client-end and IE, and
call Alarm Output module
4. Adjustable alarm duration
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