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*Prices stated above are estimates without information on scope of work
Price may vary per our discretion.

Our Home Bug Sweep Service consists of 3 methods:

(1) Full Spectrum Radio Frequency (RF) Sweep-
We use 3 different tools to search for any and all frequencies. Our devices can pick up frequencies between 900Hz-6GHz+. They can also read the density and proximity of a signal and locate the device emitting signals. We can locate any and all frequencies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2G/3G/4G/LTE/5G Cellular, Electrical transmission, Sensor signals and more.

(2) Forward Looking Inferred Infrared (FLIR) Thermal Sweep-
Our FLIR Camera is a handheld version of the same technology used by Military and Police Infrared cameras they use to find fugitives hiding in woods, contraban and persons and down alleys. It will find and locate any and all heat signatures. All electronic devices produce heat when powered. Our FLIR camera can detect heat signature from a hand print 10 minutes prior to sweeping.

(3) Physical Sweep-
We use our hands, eyes and knowledge, as well as research, to investigate and identify all suspicious items. Our basic package includes up to 4 rooms in a 2,000sqft home less than 1 hour from our office (our address is located on the banner at the top of the page), We check all nooks and crannies when device can be hidden and any areas that seems to be tampered with.

> The typical sweep takes 45-90 minutes.

> You will need to request an appointment. Call (770) 638-8888, Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm / Text: (770) 235-1191 anytime.

> We will give up a post sweep consultation showing you how to locate devices and prevent possible future privacy invasions.

> If you have any questions, call (770) 638-8888.

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