Fire Strobe Light Cell Phone Messanger (MMS) Spy Camera Zoom

Fire Strobe Light Cell Phone Messanger (MMS) Spy Camera

$30 value T-Mobile prepaid SIM card included. Customer just need refill the SIM card as needed

The Fire Strobe Light Messenger Cam will hang on the wall, posing as a normal Fire Strobe Light, but will send MMS images to your phone whenever somebody walks in to the room. Simple to install and easy to setup. This camera is the best choice for vacation homes, storages, closet, boat and other areas with limited entry.

The Fire Strobe Light MMS Messenger Cam sends pictures automatically to your phone. 5 Snapshot pictures will be sent in 1 seconds increments as long as the each motion is being detected by the camera.

AES MMS Remote Spy Camera supports with GSM/GPRS network,
transmits and receives data via SMS and transmits image data through GPRS. It is wireless terminal,
easy to install. AES MMS Remote Camera supports motion detection
It can detect any movement or any uninvited people within monitoring
area and make alarm via sending MMS (Multimedia Message Service) to pre-set
mobile phone. The backup lithium battery ensures constantly operation
when external power failure.

AES MMS Remote Spy Nanny Camera feature
* Work with GSM SIM card, universal available, easy installation.
* Remote control by mobile phone or management system.
* Receive the SMS & images alarm by mobile phone, E-mail or management system.
* IR LEDs(optional, not available for all the Models), professional cameras,
* 24 hours monitoring, timed monitoring.
* Dual-detection technology, including PIR (Passive Infrared) Body Detector and camera motion detection, make it more reliable.(optional, PIR not available for all the Models),
* Remote real time audio.
* Non functional Fire Strobe Light

1.Use at home.
Install near doors, windows and other areas you want to protect
Protect your family and assets
Monitor your house when you are away
2.Monitor private outdoor areas, garage, car ports, driveway gates etc.
3.Monitor various locations.
Monitor your
-Yachts and boats
-Hotel rooms
-office, factory
-holiday house
-other important locations
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