DVD Player Spy Cameras

The DVD Player Spy Cameras are one of our best concealed spy cameras; the pinhole looks likes it belongs and the SD card slot also looks ordinary. There are no revealing marks. The best thing about these spy cameras is that the DVD player works. So, not only do you get an amazing spy camera, but also a working DVD player!

The DVD Player Spy Cameras comes in 3 models:

Hi Res 640x480, 12FPS, 16GB Max SD, $439

320x240, Realtime 30FPS, 16GB Max SD, $459

The 320x240 Spy Cameras records at a medium quality, displays a medium size video, plays at medium video speed and uses low storage space. But the best thing about this model is it's the least expensive Self Recording Spy Camera on the market ever!

The Hi Res 640x480 Spy Cameras features very high quality and a very large video size with fast video speed and extreme storage space. The compatibility with PC and Mac and future capabilties are it's strong points.

The Realtime Spy Cameras is similar to the Hi Res Spy Camera but differs in one way. The high video quality and high video size are the same but the 30 frames per second video speed outperforms any other Spy Camera on the international market. The storage capacity is the same as the 640x480 (16GB Max SD), but you will record a smaller amount of video due to larger file sizes.

Customers around the world, from France to England to Africa and Russia come to our website to seek out our covert spy cameras. Experience the difference with cameras that no other spy camera can match!
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