Digital Audio  Recorder  512MB 140hours  DAR103Zoom

Digital Audio Recorder 512MB 140hours DAR103

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*Voice operated/activated recording: Four-recording modes for quality selection(24K tone,16K tone, 4.K tone, 16K tone),the logest recording time is 1840 min.
*Built-in high sensitive microphone and speaker.
*LED/LCD Display, colour backlight.
*MP3 enjoy music
*Voice reading-after
*Recording background setting,(distance:remote and near,background noise setting,voice operated setting)
*With clock function(can indicate hour/min for 24 hour),timing alert and timer recording function.
*Functions of playback, pause, erasing one, erasing all.
*Transmission via USB. *Recording function for telephone conversation
*Built-in high-sensitive microphone and speaker
*Bookmark memory function.
*Two same units allow information transmission to each other and resource share
*Quantity of recording sections: 127 sections.
*USB transmission.
*Size: 105*29*16mm
*Net weight: 33g
*Accessories: USB cable, earphone, driving CD, necklace-shaped rope, operating manual,telephone adapter,line-in cable, phone cable.
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