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SecureGuard Battery Powered Covert Motion Detector Spy Cameras

Item# BMD-640
BMD-640 Covert MPEG4 DVR - Recording System with Built-in Color Pinhole Surveillance Camera Hidden in a Motion Sensor

1. All-in-one security recording system is portable enough for virtually any application.
2. Set to record only when movement is detected and customize the motion detect sensitivity.
3. MPEG-4 Compression allows for hours of recording without sacrificing quality.
4. All footage is recorded on to the included 2GB SD card.
5. Instantly watch what you've recorded by hooking up a TV, or take the SD card with you and watch it on any computer.
6. Runs up to 17hrs on Lithium Batteries or use the included AC adapter.
7. Quickly find your recorded footage by searching for the date and time it was recorded.
8. Set the times of the day that you want to record.

The BMD-640 is a surveillance system that is discreet and easy to use. It is AES's do-it-yourself, wire free, covert DVR system with a built-in color camera for use in your home or business. It is disguised as a motion sensor but records MPEG-4 video directly to the included 2GB SD card. Motion sensors are very common to find in homes and businesses, so no one will know they are being recorded. You can watch over your business, family, or valuables after-hours or if you are not at home. Because of the BMD-640's conventional appearance it can be used to supervise your home or business completely undetected.

This system is extremely user-friendly and you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes because everything is truly plug and play.

This unit is able to run completely wire free by using 4 AA batteries for up to 17 hours in standby mode, or 12 hours of continuous recording (lithium batteries recommended). An AC power adapter is also included to power the system with a constant power feed.

This unit captures high quality digital video and records directly onto the included 2GB SD card. The BMD-640 is also SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) compatible up to 32GB (not included), offering up to almost 2 full years of continuous recording.

You can view video footage by connecting the DVR to your TV, or remove the SD card to view or archive all recorded video on your computer. This is also useful for submitting to law enforcement or security professionals if your video footage is needed.

Motion activated recording settings let you choose to only capture important video footage and record only when necessary. Simply set the sensitivity to your desired level. It' will save you time and conserve SD memory so you can monitor for longer time periods.

Set up your preferred scheduled recording time throughout a 24 hour day. This gives you the ability to continuously record when your employees count cash and close your business, and then record only when motion is detected after the building is closed and locked for the

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