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Do you looking for an camera with your work permits? this ID Card Camera is great for you, built in 1.3 Mega CMOS camera, with date and time stamping on the video can be use as evidence, with record audio function allow you to do a long time interview, it has take picture function, great for you to capture the important activities, you can custom design your working information on the card, it is can be use in mostly public place, in office, car park, meeting, even at street.

1. The world's smallest ID card with an camera built inside, it is a micro-camera, ultra-thin design, the thickness only 5.3 mm , the size is same as the credit card;
2. Work permits exists the original features at the same time, based on the templates, users can create their own work permits and licences with different styles;
3. ID cards, built-in high sensitivity camera, user can used it on device like attendance, access control, car parks, and other equipments;
4. The color can be customized according customer demand.
5. Built in 1.3 Mega CMOS camera;
6. With audio and video synchronous, date and time stamping function, working time up to 3 hours;
7. The documentation was named by the date, can be found out easily;
8.Only audio record function, you can record audio up to 5hours;
9.Take picture function, you can take picture with this device easily;
10. Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery, the standby time up to 10 hours;
11. Video resolution: 352*288, speed: 15fps/s, video format: .AVI, audio format: .wav, photo resolution: 1280*1024.
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