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AES 610 Wireless Mini DVR

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1 Immediately getting into the work state of detect motion object after power on;
2 Automatically take photos/record when detect the motive objects;
3 If the object is immobile or the object stops moving, DVS does not record or stop recording;
4 Use 2.4GHz (4 channels) wireless work frequency for wireless sending and receiving
5 128Mb SD card which can store about 2000 pieces of picture/400 video clips,without flash memory;
6 Supporting maximally 2G SD card,can store about 28800 pieces of picture/4850 video clips;
7 Memory tenet is"First in, First out", automatically overwrite former images;
8 Connect 1 wireless camera and1 wire camera, with function of PIP, but only record the main pictures;
9 Supporting all kinds of CCTV cameras (CCD, CMOS);
10 With ports of outside triggers shooting and motion detect signal trigger output;
11 Can combine with all kinds of alarm system or visual doorphone system which form newly shooting alarm system;
12 The stored pictures/video clips will not lose when power off;
13 Supporting outputting video signal of NTSC/PAL;
14 The parameters(Date,time,Detecting area, sensitivity and interval time etc .) can be reseted by user ,not lose when power off.
15 The recording date as file name, the format of picture is JPEG, and the format of video is AVI ;
16 Lookup the photo and video by the record date(time);
17 Has the simple operation menu, no need to install software;
18 Support playback the images on TV / monitor, or computer (by SD reader)
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