AES 6008 8 Channels stand alone DVRZoom

AES 6008 8 Channels stand alone DVR

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4-CH MPEG4 Standalone DVR

Product advantage

Industry-shaking stability: the running time is more than 1 year.

Incomparable cost performance because of the simplest hardware frame.

Enabled in 4ch D1 synchronous high-definition recording.

Below 6W, the mainboard power consumption is the lowest one in DVR field, and dispense with fan.

Activated in USB2.0 backup and system function upgrading.

Equipped with MPEG4 compression format and small stream, featuring longer DVR time in the condition of same definition.

Absolutely independent research and development, and complete intellectual property rights.

6X04, 6X08, 6X16 compose the whole product series, their interface and operate modes are identical.

Multi-lingual bit mode, finish one language design rapidly.

Product functions

Triplex operation,record, playback, network operate simultaneous.

Double bit stream design, makes it easy to stakeout the pictures through network.

Executable in remote monitoring/playback/backup/pan-unit control

through internet and smooth in video of network monitoring.

Convenient and accurate in retrieve of video information, including time retrieve, alarm retrieve and document retrieve.

Enabled in stereo recording, playback and field interception.

Enabled in exterior alarm, mobile alarm and timing recording.

Activated in RS485 control pan-unit and fast-dome camera.

Restorable in recording after power failure and power-on.

Multi-lingual and rapidly customized in special language.

Operable by use of remote control.

Available in VGA output.

Technology specification

Items BXS-6008

Video input: 8ch composite video input: 1.0V p-p/75, BNC connector X 8

Video output: Composite video output: 1.0V p-p/75, BNC connector X 1

VGA output : VGA connector X 1

Audio input: 2ch audio input, BNC connector X 2

Audio output: 2ch audio output, BNC connector X 2

Alarm input: 4ch photo-coupling input

Alarm output: Relay output, On (NO), Off (NC), common port (COM)

Alarm mode : Alarm input in inductor; VMD alarm; video loss alarm

LAN Connector: RJ45

PTZ control: RS485

Resolution: Record: CIF,120 frame; D1 30 frame

Current: each ch D1 real time

Hard disk: IDE interface, available for 1000G large-capacity hard disk

Dimension: 315(L)~275(W) ~58(H)mm

The price is not include the Hard drive.
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