AES-316A Commercial wireless alarm Zoom

AES-316A Commercial wireless alarm

Item# aes316a

.Use program MOS chip and digital decode,can alarm correctly and reliably
.The coding way by using record code arrange zone automatically.
.Can aarm and disarm the system by divided the zone .The siren will ring when alarm,the LCD will display the zone number
.Save twenty alarm message,you can check it every time. Up to 50zone,easy install and operate

Functions and Featurs
.Wireless receive message alarm
.16 seconds message record and 4 line alarm
.Wireless remote operation
.Work with guard center by computer network
.Partial arm and disarm
.Check the record of alarm at anytime
.Emergency alarm, mute auto-dialer alarm

Basic components║
.Main unit Remote controller(selection)
.Door-gap detector(selection) PIR detector(selection)
.Can extende almost 50 door-gap detector or PIR detector
.Can transmit 1500 kilometers long-rangly in A316 type warning information
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