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AES2000B Home Wireless Alarm System Pak

Item# aes2000cpak

*Zone display: LED digital display, indicates zone of intrusion
*9 zone capability: pre-stored alarm event such as fire-alarm, intrusion, gas leakage.
*4 lines alarm automatically: the main unit will advise alarm status and also display the alarm zone
*Power off protection: all inputted data including pin codes will not be affected in a power failure
*Control of arming, disarming, modifing, listening-in, starting alarm siren etc. by phone(including mobile phone).
*Remote access function: you can use your telephone to arm, disarm, listen in, and turn on the siren by dialing the telephone (you need to enter your 4 digit code).
*Partial arm function: use remote controller to set up partial arm in main unit to avoid false alarm
*Recognise alarm events: can inform through telephone the cause of alarm i.e. intrusion, fire, gas or smoke by number of beeps.
*Easy to add on additional detectors if required
*Anti-tamper function: the alarm will activate if the telephone wire is cut off

Functions and Featurss
.Wireless receive message alarm
.12 seconds message record and 4 line alarm
.Wireless remote operation
.Work with guard center by computer network
.Partial arm and disarm
. Check the record of alarm at anytime
.Emergency alarm, mute auto-dialer alarm

Basic components
.Main Unit
.PIR Detector
.Door Detector
.Remote Controllor 3Pics
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