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AES 001 Vehicle Mobile Mini DVR

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AES-001: Vehicle Mount camera / Road cam

Vehicle Mount Camera designed for easy vehicle mount for any vehicle which allow accident recording / driving condition in real time.

Automaticaly records all the activities duriing driving for legal or evidence for insurance purpose or quality driving.


1.Dimensions: 104mm x 48mm x 20mm
2.Weight : 55g (including battery)
3.High resolution video quality in AVI video format
4.Capture video for legal or insurance purpose
5.Camera easily mounts in almost any vehicle
6.Red Laser points to the area being recorded
7.Use SD card from 128MB to 2GB
8.Laser indication light function
9.Adjust camera angle easily
10.Video Camera records all outside and inside events (turn camera to inside)
11.Playback video recordings on to TV
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