AES-002 IR Mobile Belt Worn Mini DVR w AudioZoom

AES-002 IR Mobile Belt Worn Mini DVR w Audio

Item# newitem114207051
*New Item* Amazing Video And Audio Quality!!!

Police officer or security Guard Patrol camera specially designed for those law enforcement officers who need to keep a clean record of their sincer investigation.

This is another crime fighting tool enables you to record the actions of the suspect. Video recordings can or will be used as evidence to prosecute those individuals who violate the law.


1.640x320 Hi Resoultion Video
2.Crisp Simultaneous Audio Recodings
3.30fps Continuous Recording
4.Infared Night Vision 6 LED
5.Color (Day) B/W (Night)
6.Dimensions: 100mm x 48mm x 16mm
7.Weight : 78g (including battery)
9.Format: AVI video format
10.Lightweight enough for body-worn, just hook it on the belt
11.Use SD card from 128MB to 2GB
12.Laser indication light function

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