AES-TD308PL (Inexpandable)Zoom

AES-TD308PL (Inexpandable)

Item# aei
System will work with any dail tone phone on the market

3CO lines and 8 intercom lines
Computer operator(OGM record voice 20s)
Caller ID function
Transfer continually
Door Phone function
Billing system &Co.line and EXT.ís state
Music on hold port(can connect Radio,VCD etc. )
DISA function(incoming line can be transfer to another trunk by ext.)2co.line communicate with 1ext.
Password programming, Remote Programming,
Intercom Communication,
Call Transfer &Call pickup, Call Forwarding,
Call Busy Transfer,
Call Transfer by Flash Button,
Caller on Holding,
IP function, Flexible coding, Conference call,
Extension Restriction Class Assignment,
Call time limited,
Ringing Assignment, Power Failure Transfer,
Thunder Protection
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