6214 4 channels Stand Alone DVR

6214  4 channels Stand Alone DVR
Detailed Product Description

1) High speed embedded CPU and real time embedded
2) Control operation system are adapted with the product, it provide operation stability, more reliability and easy for maintain
3) Operation with front panel and remote control, menu language also available for English / Chinese (Simplified) / Chinese
(Traditional), security with double password lock
4) System management require for authority code in order to provide safety system
5) Using with hardware MPEG-4 encode to provide better streaming quality, it also support with D1, 1/2D1, CIF resolution, as
well as adjustable frame rate and provide space efficiency with compact video size
6) Storage used with FAT32l format, suitable for 1-2 IDE hard drive connections
a) Provide multi-channel operation, such as:
b) 4 channels video input capture
c) 2 channel video (live view and playback)
d) 1 channel VGA output
e) 2 channels audio input
f) 2 channels audio (live view and replay) output
g) 4 channels alarm input with programmable setting
7) 3 difference kinds of surveillance display screen (1 / 2 / 4 windows per screen) and each individual display screen with audio surveillance function
8) Time setting to activate recording system with auto switching, system re-activate after power shut down. Alert system for any video signal loss or disturb
9) Available for manual, time setting, alert playing, this will make the unit more effectively and hard space efficiency. Also for the motion detect function available with setting for 16 x 12(192) detect region area, with adjustable sensitivity detect level
10) Pre-setting record function and extend alert function, in order to ensure alert, information 100% capture with user requirement
11) Available for x2 and x4l fast forward / backward function and slow motion rate at x1/2, x1/4 and x1/8 as well as pause and frame-by-frame function, PAL / NTSC system available
12) Individual setting for each capture channel for brightness, contrast, color, motion detect setting
13) Complete daily report for alarm record and operation record, good for monitor record and analysis
14) RJ-45 network inlet / outlet available for the Internet function for ADSL, ISDN, intranet, etc. setting with local IP and hosting address
15) Using IE browser / client software for remote access
16) RS-485 connection for the platform decoder, available for difference frequency setting and decoder parameter, as well as extendable function for the decode function
17) VGA output provide better video quality and progressive scan option as well
18) Support Compact Flash card storage and IBM microdrive disk
19) Upgradeable with latest firmware and backup file system provide reliable storage solution
20) USB 2.0 interface (selective) provide high speed data transfer via PC

The price is not include the Hard drive.
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