5 sec. Pre-record DVR

5 sec. Pre-record DVR
We have a new D1 DVR upgrade for the SecureGuard Spy Cameras.

The new “5 sec. Pre-record D1 DVR” caches and stores 5 seconds of video at all times. When motion is detected, the cached 5 seconds of video is applied to the video. On most motion detection DVR the first 2-5 secs are missed. With this one the first 2-5 secs missed by other motion detection DVRs are recorded.

Watch the video to understand. The video does not have our company logo, so you can easily share it with customers
or put it on your website. Below is a Youtube link and a link to
download the full video.

Link for Youtube Video: http://youtu.be/91d_V3KTfh4

Video download link: Download Video
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