2.4GHz Plant Camera

2.4GHz Plant Camera

Completely concealed inside this fully functional VCR is a tiny CCD camera and FCC Approved 2.4Ghz video transmitter. Our color model automatically switches to B&W in low light. All functions of the clock radio work normally.

Featuring eight USER CHANGEABLE channels, up to eight units can secure you home or business simultaneously. Eight channel capability insures a very low possibility of interference with other 2.4GHz devices such as cordless phones and wireless routers. Line of site range is 700 feet. Our new high power twelve channel models offer 3000 ft. line of site range. Actual range will vary depending on terrain and ambient RF interference at your location.

Available in low light B&W and Color/BW (auto switching). Unit includes eight channel digital receiver, AC adaptor for receiver and RCA connector cable .(Audio not Available)

Available Models:

Model VCR/W/CC Color/BW
Model VCR/W/LL - B&W .0003 Lux Super Low Light
Model VCR/W/BW-HP B&W High Power
Model VCR/W/C-HP Color High Power
Model VCR/W/LL-HP B&W High Power .0003 Lux Super Low Light


2.4 GHz
1/3 DSP CCD Imager
98 degree field of view
3.6 mm Lens
400 TV lines resolution (color) 430 TV lines resolution (B&W)
.5 lux Color .05 lux B&W
Automatic gain control
Automatic Back Light Compensation
FCC approved
700 LOS
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