1ch Realtime USB DVRZoom

1ch Realtime USB DVR

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1. Features
--USB 2.0 interface, transmission rate up to 480Mpit/s,48 times
faster than USB 1.1interface.
--Fluency video display, 720*576 image up to 30 frames/s
--Moving image display up to 1440*1152
--Sharp and nature image with true color
--Auto brightness, white balance,color saturation,contrast, Gamma and so on advanced digital video control function
--Built-in sensitive microphone for voice communication through Internet
--Illuminating LED's auto turn on in dark

Image element 720H * 576V element
Display size 176*144, 320*24,352*288,720*576,1440*1152
Color format RGB24,I420
Interface USB2.0
Frame rate 30pfs in 720*576
Lens F1.8/f7.85
Focalize spectrum 80mm to limitless
View angle about 50 degrees.
Camera control Saturation,contrast,sharp level,etc.
White balance Auto,manual
Exposure Auto,manual
Working current<200 mA
Illumination Auto
Microphone Built-in,<-60dB Storage temperature: -20 centigrade degrees to + 60 centigrade degrees
Working temperature: 0 centigrade degrees to + 40 centigrade degrees

3. System Requirement
- CPU speed: 1.8GHZ or higher
- RAM: 256 EMS memory or more
- Hard disk space 10GB
- Operating system: win2000,winXP
- USB2.0 port
- 64bit color display card
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