14.8V 5200mAh 8 Cell Lithium ion 18650 76.96Wh Rechange Battery Pack with 2 Pin MTA-100 ConnectorsZoom

14.8V 5200mAh 8 Cell Lithium ion 18650 76.96Wh Rechange Battery Pack with 2 Pin MTA-100 Connectors

Item# 148V5200
* Lithium Ion 14.8V 5200mAh 8 Cell Lithium ion 18650 76.96Wh Battery Pack
* High Density Rechargeable Battery Pack - Heavy Weight Battery Pack - Not a Light Weight Cheap Battery Pack.
* US Stock/Supply , US Company, US Shipping and Tech Support, Get Assistance nearly 24/7 via phone or text
* Heavy Duty 18 Gauge Wire. Comes Pre-tipped with a 2 Pin Female Connector and Includes a Loose 2 Pin Male Connector for you to Install on Your Device to Match the Battery Pack Connector. You Can Also Remove the Connector from the Battery Pack to fit your own Connector or make a Charger.
*I This Light Weight and High Energy Density Battery Pack has a Higher Capacity than most other Rechargeable Battery Packs. An Installed IC Chip Pevents the Battery Pack from Over Charge and Over Discharge. It Helps Protect the Battery Chemistry Integrity and Prolongs Battery Life. Perfect for Projects and Devices that Requires a 14V-17V Battery Pack for Power.



Li-Ion Size: 8 x 18650 cells(cylindrical)
Capacity: 5200 mAh
Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Working Voltage: 14.8V
Charge Cut off voltage: 16.6 V
Discharge Cut off voltage: 11.25 V
Standard Charging Current: 2.5 Amp
Max Charging Current: 7 Amp
Standard Discharging Current: 4 Amp
Max Discharging Current: 7 Amp
Connector Type: Female 2POS .100 W/RAMP/RIB or Bare Leads

Dimensions and Weight:

Length: 69mm (2.72")
Width: 71mm (2.75")
Thickness:36mm (1.42")
Weight: 13.6 Oz


This light weight and high energy density battery pack has a higher capacity
than most other rechargeable battery packs. An installed IC chip prevents the
battery pack from over charge and over discharge. It helps protect the battery
chemistry integrity and prolongs battery life. Perfect for projects and devices
that requires a 14.8V battery pack for power. The battery pack is wrap by PVC
shrink with 18 G wire. The battery pack comes pre-tipped with a 2 Pin female
connector and includes a loose 2 Pin male connector for you to install on your
device to match the battery pack connector. You can also remove the connector
from the battery pack to fit your own connector or make a charger.

Included Qty: 1 Battery
Includes 2 loose connector (Male).
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