RD-5E 4G/LTE Remote Access HD 720P Day/ Night Outdoor Hunting CameraZoom

RD-5E 4G/LTE Remote Access HD 720P Day/ Night Outdoor Hunting Camera

Item# RD-5E

Compact Size and Light Weight 4G/LTE Hunting Camera

The RD-5E is a mobile camera system that can be monitored and controlled remotely through wifi or 4G/LTE network. This system Includes a high-resolution color IP camera, Pre-configured wireless 4G/LTE hotspot (Optional), It use 4 pieces D size 1.5V batteries for 12 hours operation, and capable to add additional Rechargeable mobile batteries for longer operation time. The camera and its components are mounted on a tree with specially engineered quick connect assemblies for easy setup and breakdown.

The DR-5E equipped with 16GB on board SD card, it can record video by Motion or continually, The user can use a laptop PC locally access the camera using the camera built in wireless access point, The camera wireless access point range (wifi range)is about 50 feet, once logged into the camera, the user can play the video and set up camera. Customer also can purchase a reconfigured 4G/LTE hot spot(optional), This 4G/LTE hotspot will let user access the camera through the internet worldwide.

The RD-5E has a high performance low-light Day/night HD 720P sensor. The Day/night option
can be enabled or disabled instantly. When enabled, the camera can switch into Black/White night
mode when surrounding light is low. 12 IR LED Lights will illuminate about 40 feet in the total dark

The RD-5E's 4G/LTE wireless network makes connecting to the camera easy. Zero configuration,
zero setup. The only setup is connecting the battery. When the battery is connected, full access
to the camera will be available in less than 1 minutes by any remote PC or mobile phone. All these
features make the RD-5E the best tool for Hunting, Game, law enforcement tactics, natural disaster
evaluation, public events, hazardous environment monitoring, remote monitoring, construction management,
and any other operation where a camera would be safer and more practical than an actual person.
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