Time / Date Change for: Pen Camera, Watch Camera, PI CamStick

PEN DVR Guide: How the Change Time
This Method works for "PEN DVR", "PI Camstick",
"Wrist Watch Spy Camera"

The time will change to default anytime the battery dies, so keep atleast
a small charge at all times to prevent the time change back to default. When
the time does change to default then just repeat this step again to correct
the time.

1. Turn the pen's power on then plug your pen into your pc.
Copy the "time.txt" file to the removable drive portion of the pen,
the first folder that appers when you plug the pen into your PC.

2. open the "time.txt" file and change the
YEAR/MONTH/DAY/HOUR/MINUTE/SECOND to the Current correct time
like shown below.


3. After you have done so, Save and overwrite, then unplug the
pen from your pc and turn off then quickly turn on again. Record
a small sample video then plug into your pc again and check the
time. If it correct now you are finish. If it is now corrected then
Repeat the 3 steps again.